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Mission Bay is one of Auckland’s most iconic beaches. Located just a stone’s throw from the CBD, Mission Bay is one of the most stunning and accessible beaches for those staying in downtown Auckland. Whether you catch a bus, take a stroll or maybe hop on a Lime Scooter, Missions Bay is one of the top places to visit for anyone staying in the city.

If you are looking for some thrills and spills during your stay in Auckland, you can’t get much more adrenaline-fuelled than renting a jetski. It’s one of the most fun ways to spend a couple of hours or longer and whether you enjoy the rush of speeding along with a sea biscuit in tow or you are looking for a more leisurely cruise around Rangitoto Island, we’ve got some great tips for places to visit and things to do in and around Mission Bay.

Hiring a Jetski in Mission Bay

Whilst we are predominantly based up on the Hibiscus Coast, from 2019, we are planning to locate down in Mission Bay at least one weekend every month as well as catering for private reservations all around the Auckland area. We know that Mission Bay is an awesome destination for jetskiing so bringing our jetski hire service to Mission Bay makes perfect sense!

With bookings available from 30 minutes to 6 hours, your options are unlimited. Take a cruise on over to Waiheke Island for the day and pack a picnic on board or head up to the North Shore beaches and enjoy a nice refreshing drink on one of the amazing cafes over there.

Exploring Mission Bay by Jetski

Most of our jetski hire customer prefer a self-guided tour where we provide maps and suggested destinations within the hire period, however we an expanded fleet in 2019, we are also going to be offering guided jetski tours which will take you to some pretty special places all around Auckland.

Mission Bay is such a fantastic place to start your adventure and the calm waters make it perfect for those trying out jetskiing for the first time.

Bookings and gift vouchers

Whether you’re booking for yourself or picking up a gift voucher for a friend, check out all our pricing on our jetski rental page or visit the gift vouchers page to purchase the perfect gift for summer!


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